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Palace Hotels of the
Palace Hotels of the
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Cremerie de Paris Logo is edited from Cremerie de Paris
located at the historic Hotel de Villeroy
in the heart of Paris,
a hotspot

Cremerie de Paris is one of the World's
most famous locations for Pop Up Stores
or Product Expos.
The Hotel de
Villeroy is deeply rooted in the history of France.
Centuries ago all the
Bourbon Kings have been there.

Brands and Hotels listed on the
VB List
are part of different fields.
They have in common to be the epitome of style

and to be
Very Beautiful ...

Louis XIV as a childPortail Hotel de VilleroyUGG Opening Party at Cremerie de ParisCoco Chanel in 1920
Cremerie de Paris is a hotspot
Louis XIV already knew when he was still a child ...
Coco Chanel discovered it in the early years of her career ... is not only one of the World's
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all above Videos are Made in Paris
part of the shootings are from inside or nearby the Cremerie de Paris

Rue des Halles
Rue des, home of initialiy registered in 1991
dedicated to Very Beautiful Brands since 2012