Cremerie Pop Ups are all over the Phone Book of the
Annuaire du

Cremerie de Paris

740 m2 full of history in 4 neigboring buildings that exist
since 1370 / 1870 , 1678, 1860 and 1870

Metro Exit Cremerie de Paris / Châtelet les Halles
in the historic center of Paris
between Canopé (200m), Centre Pompidou (300m) and Louvre (500m)

Very Beautiful Brands and their Cremerie Pop Up Stores a story going back to 1370,
times of the Villeroys & Bourbons

Sometimes one event just results in another, specialy when you are located on a "Royal Hotspot" ...
A Pop Up Store history rooting in the Kingdom of France ....

Back in 1370 the Villeroys were merchands at the Paris Les Halles food market.
They moved into a house which later grew into the Hotel de Villeroy / Cremerie de Paris N°1 / N°5.
They invested their money into the education of their children who made careers in the Kingdom of France.

Nicolas IV de VilleroyHenri IV, first Bourbon King of FranceParis in 1575
Little by little the Villeroy children became Secretaries of State, minister, advisors of the Bourbons
making their house near the Louvre un "haut lieu du Royaume".
The Bourbons were the Kings of France.
1594, Henry IV, 1st Bourbon had a guest room in the house of his main advisor and minister Nicolas IV de Villeroy,

Nicolas V de Villeroymap
1617 grandson Nicolas V de Villeroy inherited the VB mansion / Hôtel de Villeroy
which he rebuild in 1640. A "V" or "N°5" emblem was forged into the railings of the staircase.

Adding a touch of magic
1646, a turbulent young boy lived with his mother at the nearby Palais Royal.
Nicolas V became the tutor of the child,

Louix XIV, third Bourbon King of France
Louis XIV, 3rd Bourbon King of France.
His mother was more than happy to send the kid to the Hôtel de Villeroy
where he loved to play with the Villeroy children, Catherine and François.
Adults the former childen all live together at the brand new Versailles Palace.

1671, the mansion turned into a Telecom Hotspot,
the seat of an avantgard Telecommunications company,
more in the history of the Phone Book of the World

With the 1789 French Revolution the VB mansion looses it's importance,
but the revolution could not kill the story.

Influence of a true fashionista
Napoleon III, Eugenie
1854, Napoleon III, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte and Emperor of the French
married a true fashionista. His wife Eugénie loved Decorative Arts.
She is considered to be the most glamorous woman of her times.

Very cultivated she was also passioned by the history of France.
Living at the nearby Palais des Tuileries, facing the Louvre
she frequently took her son Louis Napoléon to the VB mansion to tell him about another child,
the turbulent young Louis XIV.
Eugénie loved the history of the VB mansion
and the legends linked to Louis XIV's childhood in the house.

Building Rue des Halles & the Pavillons Baltard
Napoléon had the project to renew the Paris food market.
But without the influence of a woman, the market would never have become
the World's most famous and most beautiful market.

rue des HallesHalles Centrales
Eugenie interfered with the project
and became the creative mind behind the renovation of the Les Halles.
Impressed by Queen Victoria's Crystal Palace she pushed her husband and the conseil de Paris
to completely change everything.
Architect Victor Baltard was asked to redesign
the planned Pavillons all in glass and steel.
The already completed first Pavillon was demolished.

Rue des Halles became her personal project.
Baron Hausmann was asked to change the axis of the future street
so that the old VB mansion, the Hotel de Villeroy would not be demolished.
Every little detail on the facades of every building in the street is a result of her influence.

Eugenie was a true fashionista and was considered to be the most glamorous woman of her times.

At the corner of the new rue des Halles and the century old rue des Déchargeurs
opened up a milk store, Cremerie de Paris.
The Cremerie was la "crème de la crème" at the strategic entrance of the new Halles Centrales,
the world's most beautiful market.

A story that left France
1870 Bismarck brought an end to the Second Empire provoking the Franco Prussian war.
Napoléon III and Eugénie had to leave.
Queen Victoria gave them exile in Great Britain.
After the 1873 death of her husband followed by the1879 loss of her only child,
Eugénie became very lonely.

Transmitting the story
Alix Hessen
1880 Eugénie became friends of a little girl who had lost her mother,
Alix Hessen, grand-daughter of her friend Queen Victoria.

The Queen was very busy and was not available enough for the young girl.
The exiled Empress Eugenie had all the time in the world.
At night beforeAlix went to bed Eugénie told her fairy tales from Paris,
it's famous Les Halles food market she had built
and a magical Cremerie de Paris where another child had lived a long time ago, Louis XIV.

The little girl loved the stories.
To remain their "secret" Eugenie and Alix used a code:
"VB" acronym for "Villeroy Bourbon",
the historic occupants of the legendary VB mansion.

Transmitting the story
1884 Aged 12 the young girl fell in love with a 16 year old Russian, Nicolas Romanov.
Ten years later, 1894, they got married.
Alix became the last Tsarina of Russia.

Alexandra FeodorovnaAlix Hessen, now the Alexandra Feodorovna, Tsarina of Russia
The Tsarina repeated the fairytales about the Cremerie de Paris to her own children.

The Romanov children & "VB"
The Romanov Children loved the legends about the Cremeries de Paris
The Tsarina had 5 children: Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei Romanov.

Dmitri Romanov was there when the Tsarina told her children the fairytales of the Cremeries de Paris. He was Anastasias favorite uncle and survived the Russian Revolution.young Dmitri Romanov
The group of children included her husbands young cousin Dmitri Romanov
who had no parents and grew up with the family of the Tsar.
Born in 1891 was 23 years younger than the his cousin Nicolas II and
only 4 years older than the oldest daughter Olga

The Romanov Children visiting Lich castle, home of Friederike and CarlThe Romanov Children loved the legends about the Cremeries de Paris
There were also the children around the Tsarina's brother Ernst Ludwig Hessen and his wife Eleonore Solms.
Georg Donatus and Ludwig Hessen plus Philipp Hermann, Hermann Otto,
Friederike and Carl Solms.

Anstasia recoded
"VB" as "Very Beautiful"
just like Paris, this magic city all the children dreamed of discovering.
"Very Beautiful" was easier to pronounce than "Villeroy Bourbon".

Some people were using the Nord Express train to travel between St Petersburg ad Paris
and of course the children always wanted to have news from Paris.

Dmitri was the glamorous young uncle, only four years older than Olga
Anastasia and la "petite cousine" Friederike copied each others hair style.
Carl was very sportive just 9 months older than Alexei.

1918, all the five Romanov children were killed, their crime was to be just too glamorous
so that they might one day become a competitors to the Lenin regime.
Anastasia's possible survival was one of last centuries most talked about historic mysteries.
Several Moovies and Books were made about her, but Friederike always knew
the different women that claimed to be Anastasia were impostors.
When they were killed Anastasia was 17, Alexei only 13.

Surviving the Russian Revolution
From the inner cercle of the Romanov children
Dmitri survived as well as Georg Donatus and Ludwig Hessen.
Friederike and Carl Solms even lived until the turn of the century.
Thus the children's secret "VB" stories did not die with the Revolution ...
This is how the stories returned to the Cremeries:

1920 Dmitri Romanov and Coco Chanel
Dmitri Romanov, Coco Chanel The Cremerie de Paris during the times Dmitri Romanov showed them to Coco Chanel
At the outbreak of the Revolution Dmitri was in Iran.
This made it possible to escape to Paris.
After finding the Cremeries he showed them to Coco Chanel.
She fell in Love with both Romanov and the Cremeries.
What remaines from their Love Affair is a little jewel
and Chanel N°5, launched 1921 mai 5.

The history of Chanel N°5 is closely linked to the Romanovs and the Cremerie de Paris
Dmitri connected her with another Russian Ernest Beaux.
He had met Beaux with Olga and Tatjana Romanov.
Beaux brew different test perfumes.
Chanel picked the 5th sample, 5 was her lucky number.
Dmitri designed the first bottle.

1970 Carl + Friederike Solms and the editor of this website
Half a century later , in the 1970s,
Friederike and Carl repeated the magic Romanov Cremerie stories
to the "new children" around.
Friederike had little money and made her living as a honey beekeeper,
her brother Carl was excessively shy.
Suffering from an accident he only "talked" to children.

Tsar Nicolas II of Russia, Alexei Romanov and his cousin Carl SolmsTransmitting the legends about the Cremeries de Paris, Carl Solms as an old man with his great-nephew, today editor of the Cremeries de Paris
In the above picture you seen him twice, as a young boy with his cousin Alexei Romanov
and his uncle Tsar Nicolas II
and as an old man with his great nephew, editor of this website.

Their life was in retreat but for children they were captivating.
Unbeleivable stories about their fascinating cousins Anastasia and Alexei
killed when they were only 13/17 years old.
Grand style receptions in St Petersbourg, unbeleivable jewels,
Grigori Rasputin, Latvia Palace,
Crimea, the Imperial Standard yacht.

The most beautiful stories were from France.
They were about some "Cremeries", cheesestores in Paris,
at the les Halles foodmarket.
The children had never seen them, they only knew them from stories
from aunt Alix, the Tsarina.

Friederike had kept a straw hat Anastasia had given to her.
Sometimes the "new children" were allowed to touch it,
to have a look at her presents, a photo album
or to see the old guestbook Anastasia had signed
when visiting Friederike's home in 1910.

Return of a Story
1980 Discovering the Cremeries
Dorothea Razumovsky, niece of Carl and aunt of the editor of this website
worked in St Germain en Laye as a journalist and
invited one of the "new children", now a 15 year old teenager, to visit.
First time in Paris ...
Discovering the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees
but her mission was to find the legendary Cremeries.
Did they still exist ?
Had they ever existed or were they fairytales from the Tsarina's imagination ?

After taking the RER to Châtelet les Halles,
one of the world's largest subway stations
we found them,
but what a deception,
Cremerie N°1 was closed looked up with wood barricades,
Cremerie N°2 was a hippy Salon de The gadget Boutique
the foodmarket had gone
replaced by a hideous, just opened, Forum des Halles
... only Cremerie N°3, now called Bofhalles was still in activity.
Monsieur Picaut sold us a large emmental.

The beautiful facades of the rue des Halles
and the VB Staircase hidden in the courtyard of the Cremerie N°1
were still there
exactly as beautiful as descibed in the stories from Russia.

Return of a Story

1986 Reopening small Cremerie N°2
Reopening of the Cremeries de Paris started as a Sony Telephone Store
Age 17 the teenager was able to came to Paris through a school exchange program.
Paris was great.
His wonderful colledge kept him to run for the Bac.
1986, 2 years later,
the Romanov legends resulted in the relaunch of the first Cremerie.

Everything started a bit like a miracle at La Maison Rouge and the Cafe Costes,
cafes of Les Halles where Johannes Thurn & Taxis
run into one of the children, now a student.

Well when you just turned 20 and you open a Boutique in Paris a lot adventures are waiting,
specially when you have no money behind you
and you are located on a "Hotspot" ...

Return of a Story - Cremerie N°1
1993 A little help from Coco Chanel & Aimée de Heeren
1992 Cremerie N°1 was for sale.
The phone Boutique was booming but nothing was more difficult
than to get a bank loan in France when you are 25 and when you are a foreigner ...
Nothing was left from the Romanov's fortunes exept some magic.

Coco Chanel and Aimee Lopez Sottomajor (later Aimée de Heeren) in 1938Aimée de Heeren and the editor of the Cremerie de Paris in 1986
The magic was called Aimée Lopez Sottomajor, later Aimée de Heeren,
once a secret service agent for Brazil who had been send to Paris in 1938.
Aimée had arrived in the French capital like a bombshell.
Vogue editor Bettina Ballard and fashion Designer Coco Chanel were captivated by her beauty.
Aimée carried gaiety with her like a fan.

Besides Portugeese she spoke English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
and was sent on secret missions to London and Berlin.
With what she found out she influenced President Vargas
not to allie Brazil with Germany but with the US.

1939 Aimée fell in love with a young American she had met on the côte d'Azur,
Joseph Patrick Kennedy, JFK's older brother. She followed him to New York.

In the 1960s when Chanel was old and lonely, Aimée took her for night walks through Paris.
Their favorite destination was the Royal Staircase N°5 in the courtyard behind Cremerie N°1.
After a drink at the Maison Rouge (N°7 & N°8) observing the activity of the food market
the Ladies returned to the Ritz and the Meurice where they lived.
The Cremeries were Chanel's secret.

Twenty years later, june 5 1986, the editor of this website had the chance
to meet Chanel's fascinating friend and to become
her new company for night walks through Paris
getting acces to the most unbeleivable stories from the past.

1971 Chanel had left Aimée the jewel Dmitri Romanov had given to her .
1993 Aimée decided to sell it, thus helping
to get the Cremerie N°1 bank loan,
as if Chanel had told her  to "continue the VB story" ....

Chanel knew the Cremeries from Dmitri Romanov,
Anastasia's young uncle.
Dmitri had been able to escape the Russian Revolution and to come to Paris.

Return of a Story
1993 First Internet Cafe in France
Getting the domain ""
Inventing the Phone Book of the World
1993 with the help of the little jewel left by Dmitri Romanov to Chanel and Aimée
we finally found a Bank to finance the aquisition of the original Cremerie N°1.
It becomes an extension of the booming Sony activities or Cremerie N°2 and N°6.
All kind of impossible to meet audivisual people came by
as they needed repair service or a replacement part for their Sony products:
Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier Bresson, Lady Diana.

Already back in 1989 Sony founder Akio Morita had heared about the little Boutique from Diana.
One day he walked through the door.
Morita's visit resulted in the fact that the little Boutique became Electrica for Sony,
a "test lab" for all kinds of not yet released Sony products,
wireless Walkman, cellular phones, the latest earphones.
Reporting to the man that had created one of the World's most famous brands was fascinating.

The name Sony was a mix od the latin word "Sonus" for sound and the english "Sunny"
This "test lab status" created a lot of jalousy in the local Sony organisation.
1994 following Morita's resignation for health reasons everthing changed at Sony.
Cremeries de Paris needed to reinvent themselves.

1995 Cremerie N°1 starts sell long distance phone lines (Callback) for an US phone company
Someting completely avant-garde is added, an Internet Cafe.
So avant-garde the café almost did not survive ...
The years 1996, 1997, 1998 were ore than difficult.
The first computers were taken away by a huissier send from Cris, a caisse de retraite / pension fund.
Times were not ready yet for the Internet.

The only visitors were American travellers - in France people used Minitel instead of the web.
Hotels, including the Ritz, were not yet connected and glad to send over clients
asking for such stange things as "email" or "websearch".

pionneers crossed our path,
they were very
young, some coming with backpacks
most of the times we did not realise who they were
or who they were going to become.
Maybe they did not know it themselves ...

Some were already
a little older:

One, we forgot his name, was the assistant of Dr Jon Postel,
a computer scientist who invented the
dot com system.
The visitor of our cafe told us that the "crown jewels of the future"
will be the very rare ultra short "two letter .coms".
Thanks to his know-how we here able to add some modernity
to our century old "VB".

With the Cremeries are part of the 696 Two Letter Companies
just like General Electric with
Hewlett Packard with or Facebook with

Today over 130,8 million .coms are in use, only 696 domains,
0.0000053% of all the .coms are ultra short.
Even less can instantly read on a computer keybord.

A Two Letter .com is as rare as a Van Gogh painting,
336 are in the US, 174 in China, 2 in France has some of the magic of the The Red Vineyard

The man from the first flight to the moon with Aimee de Heeren and Ben Solms, 2000
One was on the first flight to the
You can see him in the Video and 30 years later with the editor of the Cremeries.

Aimée de Heeren in front of the Cremerie de Paris
Another one, the same Aimée de Heeren, already mentioned with Chanel
came for web lessons.
We always thought she was much younger but her age was a secret.
Walking with her through the streets of Paris, Biarritz, Venice, Palm Beach and NYC
she liked to speak about a fascinating friend she had met a long time ago.

He was an inventor who lived on a property with many crazy young people.
Even though his hair was white he acted as if time had never gone by
trying to invent new things with his young friends.
He had given her an advice,
"to stay young, you need to have young friends"

Alexander Graham Bell
It's only twenty years after we met, just before she died, she told us his name:
Alexander Graham
Bell, inventor of the phone

Now we knew Aimée's secret, her real age.
Unbeleivable but Aimée was as old as Anastasia
except that she had grown up without electricity.
For her 100 years birthday party we though she might be turning 70 or 75.

Bell loved Paris,
he had told Aimée of the beauty of Les Halles
and the magnificient constructions arranged by the old Empress Eugénie.
Like Thomas Edison he told her about the 1881 exposition de l'Electricité,
the building of the Eiffel Tower .
Has Bell every been to the Cremerie de Paris ?
And Thomas Edison ?

Bell and Edison were 56 years older,
Coco Chanel 20 years older
and the editor of this website 63 years younger,
as if knowing Brazil's ultimate secret agent
had made it possible to bypass the barriers of time.

All this influenced the invention of the Phone Book of the World
and layed the grounds on transforming the Cremerie
into an iconic Pop Up Store location.

2011 Return of Story
Pop Up Store

Times for Internet cafes were limited as wifi started to appear everywhere.
Again the Cremerie had to reinvent itself.

While we worked on the Pop Up Store project
we discovererd more of our own history
realising so many direct links between the Cremeries and the past.

We had never realised that the fascination of the Romanov Children for the Cremeries
and for Paris was based on the childhood friendship of their mother
with the person behind the construction of Paris Les Halles
... the old Empress Eugenie.

We had never realised that Aimée's friend Chanel was the girlfriend
of the childrens young uncle Dmitri.

During the Pokemon expo we had the chance to meet the inventor of the Pokemon
and he explained us that is because of Chanel he had wanted to come.

Last summer we talked to one of our older neighbours.
We had seen him for years
but we never realised his grand-mother was a cousine of Nicolas II.

The beautiful thing of Chatelet les Halles is that it is an area
that is open minded
and where the most unexpected people run into each other.

2011 January 5 Cremerie N°1 reopened as a Pop Up Store location.

Nike Barber Shop, the first Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris
Nike discovered the place for their Barbershop Pop Up store
making Cremerie N°1 iconic
before the street went through an "endless" 5 year construction
for one of the World's largest subway exist.

N°2, N°3, N°6, N°7, N°8 were added
Building one of the world's largest subway exists, feb 2015Final Fantasy Chocobo has a look over the never ending Metro construction.One of the world's largest metro exits, Chatelet les Halles N°1 in between the Cremeries de Paris
and finally, 2017 Mai 5 exit N°1 of the Chateles Les Halles subway station opened
... just in between our 7 Cremeries.
One of the world's largest metro exits, Chatelet les Halles N°1 in between the Cremeries de Paris

Cremerie de Paris &, meeting place
for the World's most famous brands

Every new Pop Up adds of our history.
Notre Phone Book of the World aide à les faire rayonner à travers le monde ...
One Pop Up is more "epoustouflant" than the other ....
The last "Expo guests" were the Atelier Weight Watchers,
the Siemens Connected Gallery and a Fanta Maison des #6Trouilles.

The Villeroys and the Bourbons,
Eugénie, the Tsarina and Anastasia,
Chanel and Aimée de Heeren were
the epitome of glamour and style.

Their spirit is still around
this might be the reason why - today - so many creative people
from the World's most spectacular brands
come to our Cremeries
to set up Pop Up Store Expos.

There are hundreds of thousands of Pop Up Locations

not every one was a childhood place for Louis XIV
not every one was in the dreams of the Romanov children
not every one was a night walk destination for Coco Chanel

647 years of history

you can read VB on any computer keybord

Have a look at your computer keybord,
only Two letters,
the Cremeries are right there ....

Une histoire qui est partie
et qui est revenue

Portail rue des Déchargeurs
Nicolas IV de Villeroy
King Henri IV
Dame Madeleine de Villeroy

King Louis XIII
Anne d'Autriche
Hotel de Villeroy & Palais Royal & Louvre
Nicolas V de Villeroy